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  • / Sunday, 5 December 2021

Serta® Proud to be Part of Hilton Singapore

Serta Hilton Singapore


In December 2021, Serta® had the opportunity to deliver more than 700 mattress sets to Hilton Singapore.

The mattresses, exclusively made by Serta® for the Hilton Singapore hotel, conformed to Hilton Singapore quality standards, built with the advantage of a Fireblocker®, which is a fire barrier system that is located between the outer layers of the mattress. The Fireblocker® barrier system on the mattress does not change the premium quality of the Serta® mattress that the consumers have known. These mattresses are also equipped with Water Repellent, Pocket Spring Mattress with Soft Touch Foam and Foam Encasement to significantly amplify more comfort.

Serta mattresses will complement the luxury of Hilton Singapore Hotel, providing the guests with comfort and blissful sleeping indulgence. Serta® will continue to innovate, providing high quality sleep for a better life.