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  • / Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Mattress Covers to Support Bed Cleanliness

Collaboration with Bina Karya Harapan Bangsa Social Institution

Duta Abadi Primantara (DAP) again donated to the Harapan Jaya Bina Karya Social Institution in Balaraja, Tangerang. On this second occasion, DAP provided 200 bed linen for the mattresses that had been donated earlier. These bed sheets were needed so that the mattress surface can be maintained properly and remain clean.

This institution has accommodated more than 140 elderly homeless to date. They are given skills training and mental coaching to fully become independent people.

The head of PSBK Harapan Jaya, Susan Jasmine Zulkifli, had received each bed sheet from the DAP and immediately distributed it to each guest house to be placed on their bed.

DAP hopes to continue to participate in many programs for the welfare of the Indonesian people.