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  • / Sunday, 12 January 2020

Donation for Jakarta Flood Victims

CSR Jakarta Flood


It is still fresh in our memory that in early 2020, right on January the 1st, Jakarta, Bogor, Bekasi and Tangerang were hit by horrible massive flood. Heavy rains that flushed North Jakarta early in the morning caused severe flooding in several areas of Jabodetabek.

The floods reached 2 meters in certain sections, houses were flooded with residents who were not ready to save themselves because they just had celebrated the New Year together. Light outages were carried out for mutual safety.

DAP understands what these flood victims have experienced as living in refugee camps could be very unpleasant with lack of food and uncomfortable sleep.

DAP and several volunteers who are members of the Kita Tidak Takut, Interio, Mahkota Kasih Insani, and Stella Maris communities together provide assistance with foldable mattresses for their night's rest in the evacuation camp. This donation is nothing special compared to their main needs of food and medicine, but hopefully, despite the unpleasant situation, the flood victims can sleep comfortably during the evacuation.

DAP Cares!