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  • / Saturday, 7 April 2018

Loving and Caring to the Elderly

Men are not created to live alone, as human being are meant to be in their social circle to help and reach out one another. This is the reason why every good company is responsible and obligated to give back to the community and the needy.

In order to fulfill its social obligations, for decades PT DAP has always contributed and participated in many social activities, in attempt to prosper the people of Indonesia. On Saturday April 7th, 2018, PT DAP had the opportunity to organize a BakSos or Social Activity program by donating medicines and personal necessities to Nursing Home ASISI located in Sukabumi.

A total of 10 bales of Diapers, 2 boxes of Tissues, and medicines have been donated by PT DAP represented by 10 agents of the company to the Nursing Home ASISI, to help all elderly residents in the institution. All DAP donations were warmly welcomed by every resident and the manager of the institution, and every donation that has been given is expected to meet the entire elderly’s quality daily needs. We certainly hope that PT DAP may continue to participate in various other social activities, in order to improve the welfare of the Indonesian.