Providing 5-star comfort for the hospitality industry

For over 20 years, Duta Abadi Primantara has been serving the Indonesian market with mattresses and bedding accessories for their quality of sleep. Today, Duta Abadi Primantara has a portfolio of exclusive premium bedding brands such as; King Koil®, Serta®, and Florence®. DAP holds the exclusive license of Serta® in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam, and we also hold the King Koil® license in China and Indonesia. Along with economic development, we continue to grow and mature with the further needs of the hospitality division throughout Indonesia and overseas.

DAP’s big names have brought such attention to the hotel industry, because we are committed to always provide the best service and innovate the best technology to present an incomparable resting experience. All the products can be fully customized to match every specific hospitality requirement. Each of our bedding products have gone through rigorous quality control and have also been examined for the new health and sanitation regulations and protocols, to ensure its hygiene for all of the guests.

Some of the most prestigious hotels have chosen our mattresses above any other mattress brands simply for its comfort, durability, reliability, and value. Trusted for our high-quality products of mattresses, bed linens, and bedding essentials by many corporates, hotels, and establishment, while offering the best after sales service, we set the high standards in the industry.

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Our R&D team is constantly trying to develop new and innovative products as we work closely with our principle brands in the USA. We consistently make investments into our highest quality mattresses, utmost comfort, supreme support, and most innovative features to ensure that every manufactured mattress delivers top-notch comfort and support. We also recurrently inspect all the finished materials and goods in which each mattresses has to meet our prerequisites and standards.

Through rigorous and continuous effort, we are setting ourselves as the world's standard of comfort. The incomparable resting experience has been our specialty and we do our utmost to achieve the best standard in every aspect.