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Donation for Foundations in Manado

Monday, 7 February 2022

Through the DAP PEDULI programs, DAP collaborates with various foundations throughout Indonesia to donate, as DAP’s commitment to continuously helping others in need.

Recently, DAP once again collaborate with ten foundations in Manado and donate more than 500 pillows to provide the local communities a more comfortable sleep.

Foundations that received support from DAP PEDULI include: The College of Philosophy (Pineleng Seminary), Duta Kasih Pineleng Orphanage, Wale Ne Oki Tomohon Orphanage, Nazareth Tomohon Orphanage, SLB B Damai Tomohon, Dharma Wanita Klenteng Ban Hin Kiong Manado, Orphanage Dr. J. Lukas Manado, Al Inayah Gorontalo Orphanage, Harapan Kita Orphanage Gorontalo, and House of Samuel Debora Orphanage Kotamobagu.

Through this activity, DAP hopes that they can help local communities to have a better life with better sleep.