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Assisting Nurses in Having Good Quality Rest and Sleep

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

CSR King Koil for Yayasan Tzu Chi 


The Tzu Chi Foundation, which often participates in several humanitarian activities, has built a nursing dormitory in Cengkareng.

The dormitory will be occupied by nurses and employees of the Tzu Chi Buddhist Foundation's mission team that will help the community.

Duta Abadi Primantara through its brand King Koil®, had the opportunity to help providing 200 mattresses to help the nurses sleep better.

With the assistance of mattresses from Duta Abadi Primantara, the nurses are expected to be able to rest comfortably, in order to restore their energy and mood during this noble mission of helping the community.


CSR King Koil for Yayasan Tzu Chi


CSR King Koil for Yayasan Tzu Chi