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Work, Pray and Sleep well

Thursday, 19 July 2018

GPIB Penabur Surakarta congregation

To live and survive, everyone must work. However, work alone will not be complete without the support of prayer. Human’s life is inseparable from the blessings and protection of the God Almighty, because we are simply His creations that were created not to live alone but to work and provide the best for others.

A church in Surakarta has become a "Home" for many Christians there, and in attempt to fulfill their religious obligations as the children of God, many people including the church’s keepers are hand in hand to maintain and care for the condition and the environment of this Church.  The congregation of the church soon needs to accommodate these nice people with comfortable night's rest to support their daily activities. This (101 years old) church requires adequate bedroom facilities to sustain the activities of the church guards.

PT Duta Abadi Primanatara (DAP) who heard the news immediately facilitates their needs of good mattresses. A total of 10 units of mattresses were sent to be used immediately so that the residents of the house, who keep the church, could sleep properly.

Being able to give blessings and share love sincerely will make our lives hopeful and peaceful. DAP certainly hopes that they are always blessed enough, so that they will be able to continue participating in various kinds of social activities in the future.